Hospitality in Kholod Tahaina During Eid Elfitir


during the Eid, the Palestinian known that they hospitality fruits and Kaeak Al eid” Cake of Eid from semolina”

this is famous even in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan…

the photo taken in Kolod Tahina house where she made Kaeak El Eid and hospitality her guest and family during the Eid..

welcome enjoy some chocolate before we start to tell you the ingredients of cake of Eid..



1 kilo Semolina flour

1 cup of flour

3 Packet butter (mean 3 cup each  cup have 200 gr.)

1 Spoon baking powder

1 spoon of mahleb scanned

1 spoon mcetkh (if you want)

2 spoon anise

milk for kneading

for padding you can use Tamer (dates that mixed with butter and sesame)
or you can use Pistachio crushed with sugar and butter or luz same way pistachios


we knead the semolina with cup of flour before the other day. so next day you continue to add the other ingredient., so you may warming or heating milk  or you may use only water if you find it’s not needed! depend on how strength your semolina..

so after that you put it aside for 30 – 1 hr to take a rest ..

then you bring special spoons or tongs look like this one:

so you start to create small ball in size and open it to put the padding and fill it with dates or luz or pistachio as you like

then we put them in oven in moderated heat so after we take it out, we wait until it cool down

and we put in pistachio and luz from outside crunched sugar!




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