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Hello Everybody
this our Front page to show the beautiful Palestine, from it’s wildlife, culture and traditional food and life. this page, here we can share our thoughts and love to Palestine any one like to contribute he/she welcome!

Why Palestine, It’s a country which was occupied since 1948 by zionist state till now, and there is a lack or a false understanding of the palestinian fair cause is common because of the corrupted media but here you can find more reliable news about Palestine, And Palestinian in Diaspora

Palestine is Love, happiness , hopes, and dreams… and to be palestinian you will live in hopes never gave up from it.. Palestine our mother and father our homeland that we wish it to be free one day.

we also love to post most and share most effective website that show the Real Palestine to make people see it in real.




  • None of the pictures are ours, unless we state so. and we will put sources for it
  • We are group of Palestinian that contribute in Facebook page but we create this blog to write for English users.
  • if you have questions or comments please contact us here.



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