Stuffed Grape leaves and Fawareg

Every body knows Stuffed grape leaves, but ever you tried one of the main dishes made by Em Yassin in Burj El Barajneh Palestinian refugee Camp in Lebanon!

while visiting Em Yassin in her home, She cook a main dish with full of love and care with great hospitality for me.
first, she create a group of stuffed Grape leaves together and tied it with thread. To make sure its not going to mixed or damaged..

And have you ever considered to try stuffed Fawareg (small intestine from goats or sheeps after clean it very very well With care!!) it’s important to know who clean it and where you ganna eat it.. Better try it from Palestinian woman hands,  they perfectly make it delicious.
You can stuffed Fawareg with rice and meats and boiling it alone or put it in the bottom of the cooker with Stuffed grape leaves above it.

Some people love to take the Fawareg and frised it a bet when it’s color turns little gold they remove it from oil and serve it.

Eat it with Arabic breads.



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