Chocolate Balls, Covered with Coconuts

4 cans biscuits pillow.
2 cups milk.. you can you use Nestle milk
4 tbsp cocoa.
Nuts Thpinh any kind.
Cup coconut fine.
Cup butter, softened.
Coconut for garnish coarse.


First Breakdown the Biscuits to very small pieces and make sure it’s become like powder.
then add butter to it and mix together,then add nuts on it, make sure all of them mixed together very well, and add the coconut.

put milk in a container put on it the powder chocolate and mix it. then put the mixture of Biscuits on the milk and make sure you again mix very well 🙂
then put all the mixture on the refrigerator for 30 to 60 min then take them out and start to create small balls, after that passed on coconut dish to cover it from all sides..



One response to “Chocolate Balls, Covered with Coconuts

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